Price if full visual reference is provided:


Digitally Painted Sketch:
650 NOK ($83-ish)
Half-body 450 NOK ($58-ish)
Portrait 200 NOK ($26-ish)

Traditional Watercolor:
Full-body 950 NOK ($121-ish)
Half-body 700 NOK ($90-ish)
Portrait 400 NOK ($51-ish)

Price if full visual reference is not provided:


Digitally Painted Sketch:
 950 NOK ($121-ish)
Half-body 700 NOK ($90-ish)
Portrait 400 NOK ($51-ish)

Traditional Watercolor:
 1100 NOK ($140-ish)
Half-body 900 NOK ($115-ish)
Portrait 500 NOK ($64-ish)

What is a full visual reference?

By full visual reference I mean a clear visual representation like a good drawing or photo of an accurate cosplay, or something similar. It is clear what the character looks like and I can simply go ahead and start drawing.

The other, more expensive, option is that you provide a written description and for example an image of the kind of hair you want, some boots you think would fit, three different armors you want to mix in, and so on. In that case I will have to essentially design the character based on the descriptions and scattered images, and I might not get it right the first time resulting in a much longer process.


General info

Prices are per character.

For private use only, if you would like to hire me for commercial work please contact me and we will agree on a price together.

I have the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

Here is a list of things I will not draw, simply because I don't enjoy it and have not put in the hours to practice them in order to get to a level where I feel comfortable drawing them as commissions:

  • Furry/anthro/dragonborn/kenku (exception: tabaxi/cat people)
  • Real people
  • Very manly men

If you would like a commission like that I recommend finding an artist who frequently draws the thing you want them to draw.

Watercolor half and full body are 210x297mm/8.3x11.7in, and watercolor portrait is 148x210mm/5.8x8.3in.

Payment via paypal.

If you are interested in commissioning me please contact me at


Digitally Painted Sketch


Traditional Watercolor